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Experienced DUI Lawyers in Colorado Springs

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Arrested for drunk driving, DUI, DWAI, or DUID in Colorado Springs?

If you have been charged in Colorado Springs with a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or other alcohol or drug-related driving offense the consequences of these charges can affect you for years and a conviction can stay with you for a lifetime. A DUI or DWAI is not something you should take lightly; your license, your freedom and your future are at risk.

Choosing the right DUI Attorney is one of the most important decisions facing you when you have been accused of a serious offense with serious penalties. A DUI, DWAI or DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) offense in Colorado Springs can carry penalties of extended jail sentences, probation, community service, alcohol classes and therapy, fines, and the loss of driving privileges.

Our Promise

We promise you to aggressively pursue the most beneficial resolution for you in all cases, including DUI, Traffic, and all criminal matters. Our partners are former Deputy District Attorneys with extensive trial and courtroom experience. We pride ourselves in providing our clients the highest level of legal representation at affordable rates. We offer payment plans in criminal and traffic matters.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"He was responsive, helpful, a great listener"

"I can't say enough good things about Mr. McDowell. He was responsive, helpful, a great listener, and most importantly, he took my calls. He made me feel confident and comfortable. I knew he was experienced when everyone at the courthouse said "hi" to him. I'm glad I called him." -- Linda

"Josh McDowell is one of the most honorable and genuine people I have ever encountered"

“Josh McDowell is one of the most honorable and genuine people I have ever encountered. I payed a flat fee for a DUI charge that I will admit may not be an easy payment for all, but I received a degree of professionalism, integrity, efficiency , and sincerity that I guarantee you will not find many other places. I highly recommend this firm and those involved with it because I have met them all and know their credentials.... trust me when I say, if you are willing to put your trust in them and believe in their efforts, you will come out on top.” -- F.J

As former El Paso County Prosecutors, our attorneys have experience in handling hundreds of DUIs, DWAIs, and DUIDs in the Colorado Springs Court system. We understand both sides of the case and how the District Attorney will try to convict you of DUI. As experienced Colorado Springs DUI lawyers, we know the Colorado DUI laws, and understand how to use them to your advantage.

Our clients often find themselves asking: "What do I do now?" or "What are my options?" You need an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney in your corner to walk you through the stages of your case and to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for you. We understand how to negotiate effectively at all stages to obtain a result that will have the least impact on your life, your job, your license and your freedom. You need the localized knowledge of a DUI attorney who knows the ropes in Colorado Springs.

When you have been charged with an offense that can change your life, you need an experienced Colorado Drunk driving defense Attorney on your side. From the beginning of your case we will navigate you through DMV hearings, all pretrial phases, and jury trial if necessary. In many cases we are able to obtain a positive result for our clients through pretrial negotiations and motions, and a trial is not necessary. However, in some DUI cases a jury trial is in your best interest.


Colorado Springs DUI Attorneys

DMV Hearings

OurDUI Attorneys will represent you at the DMV hearing to help protect your Driver's License and your driving privileges.

Our Attorneys will advise you through all stages of your criminal case as well. Our attorneys will handle all pretrial negotiations including plea bargaining with the District Attorney about the legal and factual issues in your case to help you achieve a favorable result. We will obtain all police reports and results of chemical tests for review of any legal or factual problems with the State's case against you. After reviewing the discovery in each case, our Attorneys will file any relevant pretrial motions to address any legal issues in your case that may lead to suppression of evidence against you.

FAQs of DUI Lawyers


Call us today and speak to a DUI lawyer about your case. There is no-obligation on the initial consultation on all Colorado DUI, DWAI and DUID cases. Time is of the essence to save your Driver's License and protect your rights when you have been charged with a DUI in Colorado Springs.

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