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Exercise your rights and speak to a Colorado Springs drug crimes attorney about what you should do to protect yourself and your future.

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One of the most tragic things in our society is when an innocent person is convicted of a drug charge.  Law enforcement has so broadly defined the term “possession” that it means almost anything, including riding in a car that has drugs somewhere in it or simply sitting in a house where there are drugs.

Another tragedy is when an addict is thrown in jail when really what he needs is treatment and understanding.  Jail does not help addicts.  Felony convictions do not help addicts.  Doctors and therapists do.Whe have helped residents of Colorado Springs, Aurora, Castle Rock and surrounding areas.

The point is, we’re sure there are some sort of extenuating circumstances surrounding whatever drug possession, drug distribution or obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and deceit charge you’ve picked up. 

Let us help get across your side of the story to the prosecutor, judge or the jury.  We’re good at this, it’s what we do, and we have a great deal of experience doing it.  Our Colorado Springs attorneys  are former Deputy District Attorneys, so we’ve sat in the prosecutor’s seat, and we know what is convincing and what is not.

We know the system.  We know how to win jury trials.  We pride ourselves on getting a just result for our clients.  We believe you deserve a fair outcome.

Call our Drug crimes lawyer now to discuss your case.  Do not walk into this alone.  At least apply for the public defender.   I guarantee things will turn out better than if you try to handle it yourself.

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